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Accounting Trends: Predicting Business Future in 2024 and Beyond

In the ever-changing landscape of finance and accounting, staying on top of emerging trends is critical for firms and individuals seeking long-term success. As 2024 approaches, the industry retains its rapid transformational momentum, pushed by technology innovations, new regulations, and dynamic adjustments in market forces. Managing these developments is critical for firms seeking to streamline…

4 Top Finance Risks: How to Identify and Manage Them Successfully

In today’s intricate business landscape, financial risk management is crucial for the survival and success of enterprises. It plays a pivotal role in identifying, assessing, and mitigating threats to a company’s financial health. Enterprises encounter substantial financial risks, encompassing market fluctuations, loan defaults, operational inefficiencies, and unforeseen disasters. Neglecting these risks can impact financial flows,…

GSTN Advisory on introduction of new Tables 14 & 15 in GSTR-1

As per Notification No. 26/2022 – Central Tax dated 26th December 2022 two new tables Table 14 and Table 15 were added in GSTR-1 to capture the details of the supplies made through e-commerce operators (ECO) on which e-commerce operators are liable to collect tax under section 52 of the Act or liable to pay…

CBDT issues guidelines under section 194-O of the Income-tax Act, 1961

Section 194-O of the Income-tax Act, 1961 (‘the Act’) provides that an e-commerce operator shall deduct income-tax at the rate of one per cent of the gross amount of sale of goods or provision of service, or both, facilitated through its digital or electronic facility or platform. Vide CBDT Circular No. 20/2023 dated 28.12.2023 guidelines…


When it comes to maximizing tax deductions, many individuals and businesses overlook everyday expenses that could be eligible for tax reductions. Understanding what expenses qualify for tax deductions is crucial for reducing taxable income and potentially lowering tax liabilities. It is important to note that tax laws and deductions can vary based on individual circumstances…

Section 90 Relief & Form 67 in Indian Tax: Guide & Belated Filing Consideration

The Indian income tax system allows individuals and entities to claim relief under Section 90 concerning taxes paid in foreign countries. Form 67 is pivotal in this process, aiding in seeking relief under Section 90. Exploring the essentials of Section 90 relief, Form 67’s purpose, and the feasibility of belated filings becomes crucial. Relief under…

A Quick Guide to One-Person Company Registration

Are you interested in starting your own business and want to reduce your liability? You should consider registering your business as a One Person Company (OPC). Many entrepreneurs in the starting stage of their business prefer OPC instead of Sole Proprietorship Business. Here are the details about OPC and how to register an OPC in…

Comprehensive Guide to GST E-Invoice System Implementation

Welcome to the realm of GST tax compliance, where the E-Invoice System revolutionizes the way businesses handle invoices. Mandated by the GST Council and implemented by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), this system ensures a standardized approach to Invoice Reference Number (IRN) generation. This article serves as your comprehensive guide to understanding, implementing, and benefiting…

Unveiling Truth: The Vital Role of Forensic Audits in Uncovering Financial Irregularities

In today’s environment, where financial fraud and corporate misconduct are sadly common, the significance of forensic audits has surged to unparalleled levels. These highly specialized audits are extremely powerful, capable of revealing secrets buried deep in accounting records, convoluted financial transactions, and the intricate web of company organizations. Forensic audits play a critical role in…

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