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A N GAWADE & CO LLP, Chartered Accountants (ANG)  have emerged as full services accounting, tax & audit firm providing a wide range of services to clients in India and abroad , that meet the requirements of every single need of our clients.

 Auditing & Assurance Services

We provide various Auditing & Assurance Services to Companies and Firms and Trusts. Audit includes through verification of evidences, vouchers & certifications. We also provide following services:

  • Statutory Audit under Companies Act 2013
  • Tax Audit under Income Tax
  • GST Audits
  • Internal Audits
  • Management Audits
  • Stock Audits
  • Trust Audits
  • Fraud Investigation and Forensic Audits
  • Special Purpose Audits & Certifications
  • Foreign Exchange Remittance Certifications such as Form 15CB / 15CA.
  • Peer Review Certifications for Listed Companies

 Valuation Services –

CA Anandkumar Gawade is IBBI Registered Valuer u/s 247 of Companies Act, 2013 for Securities or Financial Assets Class vide registration number IBBI/RV/05/2019/10746. He is also a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

He is into practice since 2002 and has advised many clients in Valuation, Amalgamations, Corporate Structuring, Tax & Audit. His clients include NBFCs, Publically Listed Companies, Stock Broking Companies, Manufacturing Companies, Service Industries, Real Estate Companies, etc.

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Book Keeping & Outsourcing

Outsourcing help companies to focus on their core activities and also achieve high level of compliances. We provide accounting outsourcing services for Tally and Quick Books as well:

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Income Tax Advisory

Income tax consultancy with effective tax strategies, form an integral part of our advisory. We provide income tax advice to companies as well as non-companies clients. We provide income tax advice in following areas:

  1. Corporate Tax Matters
  2. Foreign Company Taxation
  3. Merger & Acquisition Taxation
  4. Transfer Pricing
  5. Individual & Non-Resident Indian Tax Matters.
  6. Expatriate Taxations
  7. LLP, Partnership taxation
  8. Trust Taxation

GST & Compliances

We provide complete GST advisory & Compliances services including registrations, returns, tax advisory & GST Audits to businesses in India:

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Company Formation in India

We advise of right model of business and legal structure of the business entity. We assist to incorporate Private Limited, Public Limited, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP), One Person Companies, Section 8 Companies in India and provide the complete solution for incorporation in India. We also assist to incorporate other formats such as

  • Proprietorship Concern
  • Partnership Firms,
  • Trusts

Foreign Company Set-ups In India (India Entry Services)

We advise foreign entity for setting up subsidiaries, liaison offices, branches offices & project offices in India.
Generally a Joint Venture (JV) is a way to enter the Indian market in sectors where in there is a legal requirement for a local partner or there is a % cap on foreign investments. But a foreign company with eligibility for a 100% subsidiary can also go through a Joint Venture (JV).

We Offer following Services:

  • Finding a Joint Venture partner company for an interested Indian company or finding a partner company for interested foreign company.
  • Managing finances, Tax and compliances management, repatriation of funds to the foreign entity, etc.
  • Support in acquiring office space, infrastructure, property for building a manufacturing unit, liaison with the government offices local, state and central if and as required, etc.
  • Advice on Foreign Exchange Law Matters, Corporate Structuring, Rules & Taxation
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Company Law Services & Compliance

Indian companies are governed by Companies Act 2013 and every Company has to comply with various statutory provisions as per different sections of Companies Act 2013. We provide complete services for Company Law Compliances such as:

  1. Filling of various Forms for Director Changes, Name Changes, Office Changes, etc.
  2. Conducting Board & Share Holders Meetings
  3. Drafting & Maintenance of Minutes of Meetings
  4. Filling of Annual Returns
  5. Compliances of additional issue of Shares.
  6. Conversions of Private Limited Company to LLP and Vice Versa.

Transfer Pricing

We advise Companies having commercials transactions with its international associate enterprises for tax planning, Calculation of Arm’s Length Pricing, documentations, certification under Transfer Pricing Rules in India. We provide services in following areas:

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 Advising Indian Firms to Set-up Overseas Companies

We advice Indian Companies to set-up Business in Other Countries. It also include RBI Approvals in India and future Compliances. Country wise rules summary is provided:


 Subsidies & Government Grant Advisory

We advise many Companies in getting subsidies and grants for their businesses in India. We assist Companies to get approvals and funds under  Maharashtra State Packaged Scheme of Incentives 2013 (PSI 2013).

This scheme is very useful for setting up of new projects in Maharashtra. The subsidy is basket of 3 parts i.e.:

  1. Refunds of VAT/CST/GST paid to government
  2. Interest subsidy
  3. Electricity Duty reduction

Due to these incentives, business entities are entitled for re-imbursement of project cost upto 90% of investment.

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Fraud Detection and Forensic Audits

We provide fraud detection & forensic audit services to many clients. Fraud investigation includes detailed verifications, evidence collections, legal support for further actions to be taken. It also include post fraud investigation as well as establishing proper internal controls for fraud prevention.

We have provided fraud investigation services as follows:

  1. Funds siphoning & Banking frauds
  2. Vendor Payment Frauds
  3. Sales & Procurement Frauds
  4. Employment Frauds
  5. Information System Frauds

Virtual CFO Services

What we do as Virtual CFO ?

Many fast growing startups and small & medium size businesses need dynamic support in financial decisions. Businesses need experienced partners to sail them through financial issues. As requirement analysis, we provide very flexible, cost effective, time bound VIRTUAL CFO SERVICES PLAN. Entire support is through Video Conference and Telecom. :

With experience more than 17 years in financial services with different industries, we support startups and companies in following ways :

  1. To act as Virtual CFO (Chief Finance Officer)
  2. To guide and assist in making business plan
  3. Guidance for right structuring of deals.
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Indian GAAPs, IND-AS & IFRS Advisory Services

In 2015, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has issued a notification stating a roadmap for implementation of IND-AS converged with IFRS. IND-AS are required to be adopted in a phased manner for the financial year beginning on or after 1 April 2016 with comparatives for the year ending 31 March 2016 for certain class of companies.

Accordingly , following companies are required to adopt Indian Version of International Financial Reporting Standards,(IFRS ) i.e. IND AS :

For The Accounting Period Beginning On or After 1 April 2016 (Phase 1)

  1. Unlisted companies having a net worth of Rs. 500 crores or more.
  2. Holding, subsidiary, joint venture or associate companies of the listed and unlisted companies covered above.
  3. Comparative for these financial statements will be periods ending 31 March 2016 or thereafter.
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Initial Public Offering (IPO) Advisory & Solutions Services 

Traditionally Debt/loans used to be an instrument available to Companies to raise funds for business. However, there are certain costs such marketing, logistics, research, a brand creation where debt option is not available.

Companies also opt for Venture Capital / Private Equity. However, performance pressure and stringent conditions make such investment unattractive for most of the businesses.

Therefore, Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Main board i.e. National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is the ultimate solution. Now after the introduction of SME Stock Exchanges small IPOs like Rs.2 Cr are also possible. SME IPOs are quick (3 to 6 months) and comparatively cost effective than Main board IPOs. Such listing entitles Companies raised a good amount of money from the public without any repayment or commitment. Also, SME IPO does not require any permission from SEBI. Further after certain period and criteria, such Companies are allowed to migrate to Main Boards of BSE & NSE.

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