Forensic Accounting Services | Forensic Audit Firms in India

Forensic accounting services is a critical realm that covers a broad spectrum of tasks and activities. It fundamentally involves conducting forensic investigations that include preparing reports or witness statements and serving as an witness in legal proceedings. Thus, it requires companies to partner with forensic audit firms in India that conduct forensic investigations with gravitas and a very high level of responsibility. ANGCA can serve as the partner!

Compliant Enterprise-Level Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Services

At ANGCA, we are one of the fraud auditing and forensic accounting. Companies engage with us for forensic accounting and fraud examination services that include the following.

  • Forensic accounting investigations and analyses
  • Evaluating accounting transactions
  • Conducting witness and fact-finding interviews
  • Reconstructing financial records
  • Performing computer forensics
  • Managing expert witness testimonies during trials
  • Conducting data modeling and analysis at the enterprise level
  • Measuring damages
  • Ensuring internal control
  • Designing and implementing robust internal controls
  • Ensuring investigative due diligence of individuals and entities and asset searches
  • Doing root cause analysis
  • Compliance program remediation
  • Preserving, retrieving and analyzing electronic data
  • Conserving key evidence

ANGCA for Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection?

ANGCA is a responsible firm with extensive experience in forensic accounting fraud examination and detection. But that’s not the only reason that qualifies as one of the forensic audit firms in India.

  • Team of qualified forensic accounting and fraud detection.
  • Comprehensive, sincere, unbiased and transparent investigation
  • End-to-end fraud auditing and forensic accounting
  • Forensic investigations for multiple business domains
  • Proven forensic accounting services with positive customer feedback