ANGCA Registered Valuer in Chennai

For every business, regardless of whether operational across multiple countries or a small firm dealing with local business, valuation is an important factor that determines its worth in the market. However, it is imperative to value the business through a registered valuer.

Valaution services in pune

Valuation services in Chennai by Registered Valuer 

Chennai is one of the largest, and also one of the oldest metros in India. Over the past few decades, the city has grown on the business front and houses a wide range of businesses, including IT, manufacturing, etc. ANGCA works as a registered valuer in Chennai. ANGCA has been in the valuation business for a very long time and continues to work with a wide range of businesses.

Besides valuing companies to help them deal with mergers, acquisitions, sell-outs, restructuring, alliances, etc. the company, based on the client’s needs, works as the IBBI Registered Valuer for Shares in Chennai, IBBI Registered Valuer for Companies in Chennai, and IBBI Registered Valuer for Startups in Chennai, for its clients.

ANGCA uses the most efficient company valuation methods and helps companies calculate the value of their business through appropriate and compliant business evaluation methods.

ANGCA works with a range of diverse clientele in Chennai. So, if you are a business owner who wants to calculate the business value, ANGCA is where your search ends!