Forensic Audit & Fraud Investigation Services

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Forensic Audit & Fraud Investigation Services

We provide various financial and digital forensic audit and fraud investigation services. Typically these services includes:

Corporate Frauds

Corporate frauds includes actions undertaken by any person which are done in a dishonest, unauthorized manner, with an intention to earn some benefits.
Corporate fraud schemes are complex and usually time consuming due to its natural complexities.

Types of Fraud

There are many types of corporate fraud, including the following common frauds

  1. Theft of physical assets or confidential information
  2. Misuse of accounts
  3. Procurement fraud
  4. Payroll fraud
  5. Financial accounting mis-statements
  6. Inappropriate journal vouchers
  7. Suspense accounting fraud
  8. Fraudulent expense claims
  9. False employment credentials
  10. Bribery and corruption.

Funds Diversion Frauds

  • Unauthorised use of funds
  • Unauthorised diversion of funds.
  • Banking frauds – unauthorised credits, reconciliation frauds.
  • Round Tripping of Funds

Fraudulent Documentation Frauds

  • Use of fraudulent documents
  • Selling of properties / assets using fake documents
  • Impersonation frauds.

Special Audits

We also provide special audits reports where management feel that certain transactions should be specially audited.

Typically it includes:

  • Finanicals Transaction Related Audits
  • Vendors related audits
  • Management related audits
  • Banking transactions related audits.