Outsourcing help companies to focus on their core activities and also achieve high level of compliances.
We provide following accounting & financial outsourcing services:

A] Book Keeping & Accounting:

We provide complete book keeping & accounting solutions for all types of Companies. We have cloud based accounting software as well as desktop software. We work anywhere. Outsourcing of book keeping and accounting helps companies to reduce errors in financial statements, reporting and tax compliances. We have all expert team in Book Keeping & Accounting Outsourcing Department.
In summary we provide following services:
1. Book Keeping & Accounting
2. Bank Reconciliation
3. Banking Process Management
4. Financial Reporting
5. MIS Reporting

B] Accounting Process Outsource:

We are have experience management of outsourcing of niche accounting processes. We bridge the gap between the main process and various sub-processes. Typically it includes following services:
1. Invoicing
2. Accounts Receivable Management
3. Accounts Payable Management
4. Bank Reconciliation
5. Fixed Asset Management
6. Inter-Company Reconciliations.

C] Payroll Processing:

We have a cloud based payroll outsourcing tool for payroll processing. By outsourcing Payroll function, Company are free from the hassle of labour law management, PF/ESIC Compliances, Payroll processing, handling queries of employees, effective tax planning, etc.
We provide following services:
1. Processing of monthly payroll
2. Issue of Payslips
3. TDS Management
4. PF, ESIC & Other Taxes Management
7. Tax projections of employees
8. Handling of employee queries
9. Full and Final Settlement

D] Tax Compliance Management:

Tax compliances is very important and complex thing for management. By outsourcing tax compliance management, Companies will be relived from the penalties for non-compliances. Outsourcing also help Companies to co-ordinate and plan with a single agency for all compliances.
It includes:
1. Income Tax Compliances such as TDS, Advance Tax, etc
2. VAT/CST compliances
3. Excise Compliances
4. Service Tax Compliances
5. Any other tax compliances.
6. Company Law Compliance Management.